Memory bookMemorial Service

This can be held in a public or private venue to celebrate the memory of a passed life.

Decisions to make
  • When and where funeral is to be held
  • Clergy or celebrant
  • If attendance at the burial/cremation is required
  • Which coffin/casket and clothing you want for the deceased
  • Possible viewing of the deceased
  • Persons/organisations you would like to be involved
  • Flowers
RoseWho shall conduct the funeral

You can choose a Minister of Religion (Clergy) or a Civil Celebrant.




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Funeral Choices

While funerals are sad times meaningful funerals can help people to cope with their loss and say farewell. Such funerals can be sources of strength and hope.

We have the facilities and knowledge to offer you a wide range of options. We can discuss your preferences and assist you to plan an appropriate funeral service.

Where to have the service

A funeral can be religious or non-denominational and can be held at your choice of venue. It can take place in a church or other place of religious worship, in our funeral rooms, at the graveside or crematorium or outdoors if permitted by regulations.

Land Burial

Your choice of cemetery and service venue:


Your choice of crematorium and service venue:

Sea Burial

For further information and options contact us.