frangipani flowerHelpful tips - look after yourself
  • Exercise regularly
  • A well and balanced diet
  • Set time to relax every day
  • Be careful with drugs and alcohol
  • Don't critic yourself for not coping
  • Think positive
May Time Soften Your Pain

In times of darkness, love sees…
In times of silence, love hears...
In times of doubt, love hopes…
In times of sorrow, love heals...
And in all times, love remembers.
May time soften the pain
Until all that remains
Is the warmth of the memories
And the love.

Author Unknown

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Grief and Loss

Coping with Grief is a natural reaction to the loss of someone close. Grief takes time, and the length of time is different for everyone as they move through the process.

Everyone deals with grief in their own way and the affect can depend on the personality, age, relationship with the deceased, culture, religion and support from family and friends.

Sometimes when we grieve our behavior and reactions surprise us and even others. Grief and loss can have a range of emotions and behaviours and we need to cope with it in our own way.

You can experience

A new day

Through your memories you will always will have a connection with your loved one. There is a future and death ends a life not memories. Accept loss as a part of life